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With over 30 years of combined knowledge and experience in light therapy, Caball Therapy System CTS - The Light Therapy Specialist shines strongly in the industry.
We have 3 certified Light Therapist in the company, and can provide updated and important information about the PhotoBioModulation, and how you can benefit from using red and near-infrared light in your everyday life, to gain more health benefits and better comfort.

PhotoBioModulation (PBM) is designed to treat humans, domestic animals, large livestock and horses. It relieves pain, stimulates cells to repair and heal, reduces swelling and inflammation, and stimulates the immune system in acute traumatic conditions.

Photonic Lights are especially designed for treating chronic pain and inflammatory conditions associated with arthritic conditions and overuse injuries in animals.

Chronic ‘injuries’ or overuse inflammatory reactions occur when the tissue does
not complete the healing cycle.

Photonic Lights Therapy devises break this cycle and gives the tissue the
opportunity to start the healing process if possible,
or in chronic conditions to maintain pain-free periods.

Treatment will stimulate optimum cell condition (bone, nerve, capsule, cartilage and muscle tissue) to maintain healthy tissue. This may help to prevent further degeneration of tissues like nerves, bone/joints and blood vessels.

Treatment on the acupuncture points has excellent treatment outcomes.

If you are thinking about a new and innovative brand to your portfolio,
Don't wait to contact us!


"Our vision: When we started working with photobiomodulation (PBM Therapy) and saw the impact it had on animals and people,
our vision was to have a Photobiomodulation device in every household and department in every hospital, every doctor's office and every clinic.

Drug-free pain relief and better healing thanks to the knowledge and science behind photomedicine, with high-density products and services."

    Anita Nordum CEO - Caball Therapy Systems



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