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PhotonicLight bodyPRO includes the benefits of both red and near-infrared with wavelengths of 660nm and 850nm, with as many as 2160 LED. Options to choose means of treatment, red, near-infrared or a combination of both types of light.

Photonic Lights bodyPRO WRAPPING- the bodyPro comes with equipment which makes it possible to wrap the body in lights, this will make it possible to shine light almost around the whole body.

Photonic Lights bodyPRO can be used to handle a variety of conditions,
for example:
Available nerve pain and nerve regeneration
Tenopathy-tendon injuries

Healing of soft tissues
Anxiety and depression
Improve the appearance and elasticity of the skin
Improve muscle performance and recovery

Photonic Lights bodyPRO- WRAPPING

€ 4.360,00 Regular Price
€ 3.924,00Sale Price
VAT Included |
  • PhotonicLight bodyPRO is equipped with timer,  5 unique programs  and 7 Protocols.  
    This  gives several options for different treatment protocols depending on which problem to be treated, responds and the course of treatment.

    Pulse Wave mode (PW) has been reported to be more efficient than Continuous Wave mode (CW) when PhotoBioModulation (PBM) is used on many biological systems. PW-PBM also allows light to penetrate deeper into a biological system than CW-PBM, because it uses higher peak power at the same time, so the total energy is kept stable. In addition, PW-PBM can promote photobiological system input interactions.

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