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Better Chill with neckFLEX!
LED light therapy for neck pain and for comfort.

For us, flexibility and usability have always been at the heart of the products we produce and promote. That is why we are very proud to tell you about our flexible and effective Photonic Lights neckFlex - a brand new light therapy PAD system that utilize near-infrared and red light to provide quick relief of neck pain, stiffness and muscle spasms.

NeckFlex from Photonic Lights comes with a detachable highPAD4, which lets you treat all other body parts using the elastic fastening straps. (Accessories for neckFled)

The comfortable and soft neck module is made from high quality foam, which offers a comfortable support for the Close Contact treatment with the 160 medical grade LEDs.

NeckFlex is modulated with frequency therapy, specially designed to adjust the mind and stress of the body, with harmonious frequencies. The first neckFLEX in the industry, with this combination.

The Photionic Lights® neckFLEX light therapy system for pain relief is designed to relax muscles, ease muscle and joint pain, and increase blood flow and local fluid. Light therapy in the near infrared and red penetrates deeply into the joints and soft tissues for powerful relief and without medicine.

Today, many seek relief from neck pain using low-level laser therapy (LLLT) or PhotoBioModulation (PBM) instead of treating the symptoms with traditional medicine, thus ignoring the underlying cause of chronic neck pain.

Neck pain is a frequent disorder of muscles and bones that affects over 20% of the global population each year. The exact cause of the pain may be unclear because a large portion of the population is affected by degenerative joint disease, but neck pain may also be associated with several factors, such as: injury or trauma, whiplash or recurrent work-related injuries, and poor posture.


PBM has been demonstrated to have a significant effect on reducing pain in people with neck pain. Photo-acceptors in the body absorb the light emitted when applied directly to the body. The absorbed light stimulates the production of intracellular energy by oxidative phosphorylation in the electron transmission chain.


Photonic Lights neckFlex 2 in 1

€ 590,00Price
VAT Included |
  • Photonic Lights neckFlex comes with:
    160 medical grade LEDs.
    Red and near-infrared wavelengths.
    4 programs.
    Neck module.
    Power pack.
    Remote control.
    Luxury storage bag

  • PhotonicLights neckFLEX
    4 different programs
    650 nm Red
    850 nm near infrared

    160 LED in medical quality
    70 mW / cm2
    50,000 hours life on LED
    2 year warranty from date of purchase.
    CE approved

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